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Kitchen cabinets in Gatineau

Whether you want to benefit from our excellent kitchen renovation services or you are simply searching for a solution in terms of kitchen cabinets, Cuisines Poirier Kitchens is the reference.

Tailor-made kitchen cabinets

Cuisines Poirier Kitchens offers you a tailor-made kitchen cabinets service. No need to waste time browsing through catalogues or kitchen magazines, we make sure that you get the cabinets tailored to your image and your taste, no matter the month of the year.

  • Do you need specific dimensions for your kitchen cabinets?
  • Do you want quartz kitchen cabinet doors?
  • Are you searching for personalized kitchen cabinet handles to give your kitchen the modern look it needs?
  • Do you want wide cabinets under your kitchen counter?
  • You got a stylized backsplash and want to find the perfect kitchen cabinets to match with it?
  • Are you picky on the finish and want nothing more than perfection?

Whatever your needs may be, we have the solution for the design of your kitchen, whether it is for a brand-new kitchen or for your old but charming kitchen you wish to refresh.

Vast kitchen cabinets selection everywhere in Outaouais

Whether you are searching for inspiration for your new home or you want a specific style of kitchen cabinets, Cuisines Poirier Kitchens offers you a vast kitchen cabinets selection for all styles and all tastes.

For a sunny and funky kitchen, for a sober and modern kitchen or for a kitchen that defies all current styles, you can entrust your kitchen projects to our experts from Cuisines Poirier Kitchens. Why? Simply because we are experts in the field of renovation and construction, strong from a long and concrete experience that is greatly appreciated from our loyal customers.

To contact us

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Come see us today at our Cuisines Poirier Kitchens situated on Atmer street in Gatineau.

You can also call us at 819.663-8484. We will gladly take the time to answer all your questions concerning our services. If need be, we can make an appointment with you. No project is too big for us, you can trust us!

For kitchen ideas!

Visit our blog now for kitchen cabinets idea, for kitchen cabinets installation tricks and for brand new materials in the industry!

cuisines poiriers trucs et astuces cabinets rangement étages

cuisines poiriers trucs et astuces cabinets rangement étages