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Your team of flooring experts

We include the installation of flooring in our services. As professionals in kitchen and bathroom renovation, we can offer you custom services.

Why renovate your floors?

Many people underestimate the flooring in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. It is important to remember that the floor is the first thing that catches your attention when you walk into a room. We tend to look at the floor before looking at the walls or even the decoration. As well, in a kitchen or bathroom, the flooring gives a room its soul. For example, a beautiful marble floor will not go unnoticed in a kitchen, just like laminate flooring looks particularly great in a bathroom.

Kitchen or bathroom, we can do both!

We are kitchen and bathroom renovation professionals. We can realize all your renovation projects, including when it comes to the flooring. If you have a project or particular wishes, just share them with us and we will accompany you on the journey to realizing them. For example, we can help you install ceramic flooring in your kitchen or a natural stone floor in a vintage-styled bathroom.

We use the right materials

As kitchen and bathroom renovation professionals, we can offer you many different flooring materials. For example, we can install marble, ceramic, wood, waxed concrete, and more. If you budget is limited, we can offer you low-cost solutions such as vinyl flooring. We also offer imitation wood, imitation marble or imitation rock at low costs. As well, installing vinyl flooring takes less time, which means renovations will be finished earlier.