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The turnkey solution for your kitchen renovation in Gatineau

Before renovating your room, it’s important to have a plan. In other words, we need to know what kind of look you want, what the budget is, and what functions we need to make sure we cover. It is often good to find an expert on the subject before we begin. This is why we have put in place our turnkey solutions. This will respect both your taste and your budget. The renovation will be personalized for each of our clients with the goal of offering you excellent service.

We are aware that you have many obligations and that you can’t take care of everything yourself. This goes as well for renovations. Whether it’s your kitchen or your bathroom that is being renovated, we offer turnkey services for both. The goal is that you can have your kitchen or bathroom the way you want it, without having to lift a finger. Specializing in renovating apartments and houses, we can take care of everything from A to Z, especially the kitchen and bathroom. You want a more modern kitchen? A bathroom that is more functional and ergonomic? You want to bring a breath of fresh air to your house? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find the best option for you with our turnkey services.

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A reliable and functional kitchen

With a kitchen renovation, you can benefit from a perfect kitchen : aesthetic, practical, and one where the accessories work perfectly. It’s always frustrating to have to prepare food in a kitchen that doesn’t work properly. It’s even worse if the plumbing doesn’t work: who wants a kitchen where the water doesn’t work? Where the pipes are clogged? Where the tiles leak?

Our technicians will make sure that once the renovation is complete, your kitchen will be without fault. Now you can spend good family time there while benefiting from the latest technology.

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The renovation of your kitchen is not just the installation of new granite or replacing the sinks. Your kitchen renovation is meant to update all the different parts of your kitchen. This includes electricity, plumbing, and all the other elements of a kitchen. After the renovation, you won’t have to worry about leaks or blockages or electrical issues. Once our technicians have finished the renovation, you can say goodbye to those kinds of problems for a while.

The renovation of your kitchen or bathroom is indispensable, for different reasons. You must keep in mind that renovation is a good thing. Just like the seasons passing, your kitchen or bathroom will benefit from a change from time to time. As well, a renovation allows for an inspection of all installations in order to bring everything up to date. It’s always good to know that everything works and that you are safe from any possible problems.

Some people might think that kitchen renovations consist of just painting the walls, replacing the floor tiles and updating the appliances. The same goes for bathroom renovations: many think they just consist of changing the showerhead, fixing the tiles and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. But kitchen and bathroom renovations are so much more than that. They mean rethinking the rooms from A to Z, as if you were rebuilding the house all over again. Even better: we offer turnkey services to make sure you get the best results.