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Kitchen cabinets in Gatineau

Whether you want to benefit from our excellent kitchen renovation services or you are simply searching for a solution in terms of kitchen cabinets, Cuisines Poirier Kitchens is the reference. Tailor-made kitchen cabinets Cuisines Poirier Kitchens offers you a tailor-made kitchen cabinets service. No need to waste time browsing through catalogues or kitchen magazines, we [...]
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Nous sommes conscients qu’une rénovation complète inclus le choix et l’installation de votre couvre plancher. C’est pour cela que Cuisines Poirier met à votre disposition des experts dans le domaine.

plancher en bois flottant
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Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, and Poirier Kitchens is aware of this. It’s with this in mind that we place into your hands experts at renovation.

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Bathroom renovation

Your bathroom is an important room for your comfort. Our team is formed with the goal of offering you a bathroom that is both useful and aesthetic. Welcome to Poirier Kitchens (or Pear Tree Kitchens).

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