The different possible materials for your kitchen counters

The different possible materials for your kitchen counters

Are you looking for the perfect material for your kitchen counter? It is understandable to have trouble choosing. Indeed, the selection for materials is so vast that the task would freeze anyone from seeming too imposing or daunting. Remember however that to select the right one, it is imperative to look for one that is both aesthetic and practical. Make sure it is fully functional. For this, several criteria are important. Take into account its strength, solidity, maintenance and durability, but do not forget the aesthetic side it will bring to your kitchen. Adapt it to your lifestyle. Finally, never neglect your budget. It may be that your counter depends on it. To facilitate your choice, we have selected some kitchen countertop materials. As different from each other each model is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Laminate for a simple but stylish kitchen

This plastic-based material is a smooth surface laid on plywood layers. This material offers you a wide choice on the aesthetic point. Several patterns are available if they are only imitations of concrete or wood for example. You could also choose the shape of the edges, whether you prefer them rounded or straight. This durable and durable material is easy to maintain. It resists scratches and stains as well as being easy to clean. Price-wise, know that laminate is among more affordable. It is important to note, however, that laminate countertops are very sensitive to heat. Be careful not to put your hot dishes directly on it, as it may be damaged. And in this case, this kind of material is difficult to repair in case of damage.

The luxurious granite kitchen counter

Granite is a natural stone that will aspire to beautify your kitchen. By choosing it you can be sure that the impact on your design will be great. As one of the most luxurious choices, it is currently available from a large number of suppliers. A wide choice opens up for you as far as coloring is concerned. However, you will have to expect some color variation from one plate to another. In terms of characteristics, granite is one of the most resistant materials to both heat and scratches. It is also very durable. It is nevertheless important to certify that it is very porous. The application of sealant regularly is therefore required to avoid unwanted stains. Its disadvantages include the fact that its installation must absolutely be done by an experienced worker as a precaution. If we went into the price, granite is not as expensive as it used to be. Its price varies from its origin, the choice of edges or even its rarity.

For a trendy kitchen style, we offer quartz

This material is composed of natural minerals to which resin has been added. It has seen some popularity for some time because it is the favorite of great designers. It is available in several colors, including red, gray and all shades of white. Highly resistant to stains and scratches, it also has an antibacterial quality. In fact, it does not require any particularly rigorous maintenance, making it very practical. It has excellent resistance to heat too. Although it is a natural stone, its surface is not porous. As a result, it does not require any sealant application. Unfortunately, this material also presents a small unpleasant side: its borders can chip. If we compare the price, we can say that it costs more than granite. Its mark or its color can be at the origin of this difference.

Want a peaceful setting? Wood is the material you need

With wood, you can give your kitchen an air of peace and relaxation that will make you think for example of the refreshing air of the countryside. But it will also provide an antique look to your kitchen. All this with great modernity of course. However, it is important to note that your countertop wood should be hard like maple for example. It will at the same time give it exceptional durability. But take into account that the grain and models vary greatly. You will have a choice of the colors, essence and even the grain. Varnish, dyed or why not, oiled. All the proposals are open to you. As an advantage, this kind of counter is easy to maintain although it requires some diligence. Easy to clean, but it is easily damaged. Repair is however simple. This is done using a sanding that will restore its original appearance. Periodical sealant is also a necessity.

Stainless steel: a simple but practical choice

This material is one of the best known in the field of kitchen countertops. It is versatile and adaptable to any kitchen style. It brings to the aesthetic side a modern touch while being functional. Moreover, it is ecologically sound, hygienic and recyclable. Be aware that this type of counter is very suitable for modern kitchens and is also the most requested for restaurants. It is durable and has a high resistance to heat. Its cleaning is also simple and easy, in addition to not staining. Nevertheless, stainless steel is susceptible to denting. This is not only expensive but also a polishing will be required so that its stainless steel countertop appearance is preserved.

Ceramics: the professional’s material

This is a more economical material than granite and other natural stones. It is suitable for all cooking styles. And not to limit choices, a wide selection of styles and colors are offered. It is unfazed by heat, scratches, and moisture. And in addition to being a durable material, it is easy to clean. It is nevertheless more expensive than the others. As for its disadvantages, know that it will be useful to use a sealer to prevent stains on the grout. You should also pay close attention to the joints where dirt will accumulate. As a precaution, make them as small as possible. Finally, be careful not to drop heavy objects on your counter. It could crack or even chip it.

Bring a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with marble kitchen countertops

Marble is a natural material that is, put simply, beautiful and practical. It is a material associated with a hint of “prestige”. It is the ideal choice for those who want to give their kitchen a refined and elegant style. This natural stone has several grades of colors. Nevertheless, one must prepare to have some color variations from one plate to another. With an outstanding finish, you could only succumb to its charm. Note however that this material is porous. It, therefore, requires the application of a regular sealer to avoid stains. Moreover, its most significant disadvantage is that it stains easily and requires professional maintenance.

Custom counters from concrete

The concrete counter is part of a new fashion for a modern kitchen. Directly manufactured at home, in your kitchen, it can be decorated according to your choices, whether in terms of shape, color or other details that are important to you. In addition, this material goes very well with wooden or stainless steel utensils and accessories. It will give a professional or even industrial look to your kitchen. You can have all the colors of your choice as well. Concrete kitchen countertops are very heat resistant and durable as well. However, we can note a fairly high cost. These expenses are mainly due to the skill of the manufacturer and the long hours he spends there. This is taking into account that the labor is done directly in your kitchen. And it is to take into account also the need for a base capable of supporting its weight. One of the disadvantages of concrete kitchen countertops is that it can eventually crack. But we must also think about the fact that it is porous. Sealant treatment per year is therefore necessary for its maintenance.